1348 – swimming on Mount Athos!?

Afbeelding 15

It is ofcourse forbidden to swim in the waters round the Holy Mountain. Although tempting after a long walk. Your clothing has to be decent. Shirts with long sleeves, no shorts. But in 1947 they were not that harsh on the rules as we see on this photo. This Lavra monk is doing his work on the nets not in the least bothered by the two man in the background who are obviously planning to take a dive. The next picture, with no date on it, showes workers swimming at Kaliagra. They are holding something in their hands but I cannot make out what it is. Maybe some shells or seafood?



There is one legal way to get in your swimming shorts and that is when you are getting baptized as we see here in the harbour of Dafni in 2002. Photo by Theodosios of Simonopetra, monk


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