1333 – old Athos postcards and pictures

Today I will show you a collection of miscellaneous postcards and images of Athos, that gathered from the internet in the last months. The first picture is from two men near a well, probably in the beginning of the last century, but I am not sure if this photo is taken on Athos. The text with the photo said: “Old cabinet photo Athos”. My guess: could it be somewhere outside the Lavra monastery? Next are some postcards from the Athos mountain: mountain 1928 1928 mountain old postcard

East side – Lavra mountain 1900 West side – Skiti Anni/Pavlou The top in color Monks on the top Early postcard from the harbor of Dafni: Dafni postcard Dafni Dafni and sailship

And some postcards from the capital Karyes, starting with a picture of some unknown building an the second is from the Konaki buildings of Chilandariou: Karyes postcard konaki Chilandariou Karyes old postcardKaryes bl w Central square Karyes near the Protaton Karyes

Protaton and surroundings Karyes kleurenfoto 1910 Karyes 1910 Karyes 1928Karyes 1928karyes 6-2-1926 old postcard Karyes 6th February 1926 Karyes 1922 Karyes 1922

Skiti prof Eliou Bain News Service 1910-15

Skiti Profitou Eliou, before the church was build 1910-15 Skiti Prof Eliou bl w The same spot, now with the church OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Skiti Andreou, the old building, before 1900 Andreou (2) Andreou color postcard Andreou Serail old postcard

Skiti Andreou or Serail in 11-4-1915, with the largest church on the Balkan, build in 1900. Andreou without church Andreou Serail 2 The Skiti before 1900, without the church Andreou Serail 3 Timiou Stavrou old postcard

The large Ukrain kellion Timiou Stavrou Mylopotamos 1958 Mylopotamos 1958 OuranopolisOuranopolis ouranopolis1928 Ouranopolis 1928 (next time more postcards) Wim, 15/12

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Nice Collection of Images. I have downloaded a fair amount of old Mount Athos postcards off of Ebay over the years…

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