1332 – Athos newspaper articles from 1930 and 1934 (in Dutch)

The Dutch newspaper Handelsblad published this article about a visit to Mount Athos on 23th of February 1930:

1930-02-23 Handelsblad artikel en fotos 1

“In the area of the Holy Mountains – the treasures from the monasteries” : a quote: “All monasteries see a decline of about 50%, in Panteleimonos the number of monks fell from 3000 to 450. In the days when the Turks ruled over Athos, before 1912, the amount of inhabitants of the Holy Mountain increased, because hundreds of young Greek men went to the Holy Mountain, to prefend being drafted by the Turkish army and to avoid fighting against their own people”.

1930-02-23 Handelsblad artikel en fotos 2

1930-02-23 Handelsblad fotoAn Athos monk in his workshop in Karyes

1933 22-08-1933 Handelsblad foto Lavra

The same photo from the Katholicon of Lavra is used in this newspaper August 22nd 1933

1934-08-24 De Tijd artikel

Article from “De Tijd” 24th of August 1934: The monastery-mountain Athos – Vatican of the East

1934-08-24 De Tijd foto bibliotheek

Athos library is shown to visitors

1934-08-24 De Tijd foto Chilandariou


1934 24-08-1934 De Tijd foto Pantocratoros

Arsanas Pantocratoros, founded in 1363

Wim, 3/12

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