1330 – Pantocratoros stamp from 1944

Greece’s first semi-postal stamps were produced during the occupation. Use of these stamps was mandatory on domestic mail through that month. Proceeds from their sale went toward the Patriotic Charity and Awareness Institution Fund, for use in children’s welfare programs. After issuing a first set, a second semi-postal set of ten, consisting of 1944 airmail issues surcharged with ΒΟΜΒΑΡΔΙΣΜΟΣ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ 11-1-1944 ΔΡ. 100.000 (Bombardment of Piraeus 11-1-1944 dr. 100,000), was issued on June 11, 1944. This set’s proceeds were used to aid the families of victims of the Allied bombardment of Piraeus in January 1944. It was withdrawn from circulation on June 30, 1944.

The mission of the 301st Bombardment group was a disaster. In bad weather ten planes crashed when two squadrons almost flew head-on into each other. Four B-17s went on to bomb. As they left the target, the Luftwaffe met them with thirty to forty fighters, four of which the gunners claimed to have destroyed. Two of the groups B-17s that made it safely back toItaly had sustained major damage, Colonel Barthelmess’s Fortress returned with a bent stabilizer. The AAF lost eight bombers and two fighters on this mission, all but one due to collisions.

Wim, 14/11

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