1329 – Athos on Dutch television

Today Sunday November 4th on BNN television 3 Op Reis Ned 3 19.50 h.: a visit to Athos.

Something we tried to organize for the past years and we finally succeeded to do in 2011 was a visit to Chromitsa. The Dutch filmcrew arranged this visit in a couple of minutes and they got the opportunity to make an ‘illegal” visit to Mount Athos / the Tsantali /Chromitsa vineyards. Lucky guys!

The so called “illegal” entrance to Mount Athos!

The Tsantali bus was waiting for them!

The interviewer asks the Tsantali man how it feels to work on the Holy Mountain: he answers: “I have a feeling that somebody is watching over me ….”

I promiss you that our account of our planned and authorized visit to Chromitsa in 2011 will be published soon and it will be much better than this brief television program!

Here a preview of our visit:

Tsantali vineyards Chromitsa, Oktober 2011

Wim, 28/10 and 4/11

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