1319 – the surroundings of Skiti Prodromou – 1

The plan of Skiti Prodromou, from Google Earth.

After dinner I took the opportunity to walk around the skiti. Here the square in front of the main entrance, seen from the wall at spot B.

Near spot B: a gate with an old pavement, leading to the buildings, that lie in front of the skiti.

Building activities (C) near a long wall and the drive that leads to the skiti

The sign that leads you the cave of Athanasius (A)

The south wall of the skiti, leading to the garden and the graveyard

The garden (D) with tomatoes and an irrigation system

The chapel in the graveyard (E)

The graveyard with a fresh grave of monk Petroniu Tanase, born 23 May 1916, burried here on 9 February 2011, 94 years old

Look here for pictures of his burrial.

A yellow flower (crocus?) grows on the soil of the graveyard

A little further down the path that starts at the cemetary: chopped wood for the winter

Mount Athos casting a shadow over the eastern Aegeic sea

Next time I will show you pictures from the cave of Athanasius and my visit to the monk who lives on the cliffs at the most Southern spot of Athos, Akrathos.

Wim, 5/9

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