1317 – Skiti Prodromou

When hiking from Lavra to the Rumenian Skiti Promomou this building is the only kellion, (Aforismena) you will see, wtith the slopes of Mount Athos on the background

After a half an hour walk you’ll reach the road leading towards the large skiti (in Oktober 2011 still under construction)

Skiti Prodromou

The entrance

Above the entrance a mosiac

In front of the entrance: a view on Mount Athos

The courtyard

The Katholicon

The guesthouse

In the guesthouse waitingroom: Winfried and Jitze

Athos picture on the wall in the guesthouse

Courtyard: a watertap

Rumenian inscription from 2004

The semantron

Wim, 16/8

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