1312 – Lavra: the ossuary area

On our way to Prodromou we made a quick visit to the Great Lavra monastery. Although I visited this spot a couple of times before, I’d never had a chance to find the ossuary. Before visiting these buildings outside the monastery walls, we received a warm a welcome and a refreshment (water, coffee and tsipourou) at the guesthouse.

04-10 Lavra 2

01 Lavra ossuarium
 This plan from Mylonas shows you the buildings I visited:

At S you can find an old water mill (not in use):

04-10 Lavra 8Q is the arched gate to the area.

04-10 Lavra 6And R is the door to the graveyard and its buildings

04-10 Lavra 7

IMG_8602aDetail of the text above the door

At O is the field with the graves/crosses:

04-10 Lavra 3And next to it a building that lies above the actual ossuarium (Z):

04-10 Lavra 4with used crosses with the names of the deceased, and

04-10 Lavra 5a niche with a wall painting, with the cross of Ioakim……..

You have to leave the area and follow the path towards Prodromou, to find the entrance to the ossuarium at Z:

04-10 Lavra 15And when you peek through the door you see this: the bones and skulls of inhabitants who have lived here over a 1000 years !

04-10 Lavra 14

04-10 Lavra 13Inside the monastery this text above a kitchen door drew my attention:

04-10 Lavra 11Detail of the text

IMG_8607aAfter a short visit to Lavra it is time to leave for the last stretch of our hike from Karakalou to Prodromou.

04-10 Lavra 12The entrance to Lavra, Jitze and Winfried

Wim, 13/7

(from 15/7 to 10/8 I will have summer holidays: see you again in 4 weeks. Have a nice vacation all of you!)

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