1311 – Nea Skiti (Theotokou)

Until now I did not publish much about Nea Skiti (New Skete). Not many Athos pilgrims visit this place and had a chance of sleeping there. My Athos friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate from Enschede Holland has been visiting Athos since 1967 and he still continues to do so at the age of 81 ! (also see his recent journeys in my bloggings 1234, 1237 and 1239). He went to Nea Skiti in May this year, spend a night there, and was willing to share his pictures with us.

Detail Zwerger map of the area

Not many pilgrims have time to visit Nea Skiti, because most of them plan to go to Skiti Anni (and it is a long decent downhill). Skiti Anni is more famous and well known because of its hospitality, and it gives you better starting point to go the junction of paths called Stavrou: from there you can reach the top or walk further to Lavra or Prodromou.

The path from Agiou Pavlou to Nea Skiti: a beach and a balcony.

The church of the skiti with fresh wine leaves in front of it

The houses and kellion of Nea Skiti

The tower of Nea Skiti with its old and rusty scaffoldings

Nea Skiti: church and cypresses

A visit to the church with a monk explaining

The iconostasis

Happy monk showing a newly painted icon

Icon painter

Jan Paul talking to monks

Sunset at Nea Skiti

Nea Skiti would be worth a visit for me in 2013! Here you see a short Nea Skiti video: Nea Skiti video.

Wim, 10/7

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