1303 – recent pictures of Athos (May 2012)

Our reader Yves Mylonas from Belgium visited Athos recently, together with his brother and uncle. We are happy that he shares these pictures with us:

A new parking place is under construction, just outside Ouranopolis.

The result of the work in progress: cars parked all the way towards the border.

The Panaghia refuge: father Lucca from Prodromou, with Yves and Guy. It is said that father Lucca “runs” this place nowadays.

The dormatory at the top: look at all the matrasses pilgrims left behind.

Willy (aged 70!), Guy and Yves at the top (respect!)

The current situation at the top: I see no difference with October 2011. Pictures of this hike will be shown soon.

I expect to recieve recent Athos-pictures of Jan Paul ten Bruggencate, who just also visited the Holy Mountain in the last month.

Wim, 5/6

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