1299 – Russian film about Athos: 1989 – 2005

The film is made by Juri Vorobyuevsky over a period between 1989 and 2005 and it contains scenes of the film “Unexpected Athos”, published in 2000.

The film, spoken in the Russian language, is difficult to understand, but there some extraordinary scenes in it, that I want to show you.

First of all there is a scene shot on a spot somewhere above the Lavra monastery, with the ancient pre-christian rock inscriptions, that we showed you before in post nr 1051 and 1199. It begins at 22.50 mininutes. Here are some images:

I have not found the excact location of this spot, but it is not far from Lavra and there some big cypresses nearby.

It would be great if a Russian speaking visitor could translate the words of the journalist about these carvings! Who can help us? And why does the maker shows a scene from a black and white film at 25 minutes and some pages of a book afterwards?

The next interesting scene can be found at 39.20 minutes. Here you can see and here the Russian “dreadlock” hermit Stefana from Karoulia, who also sings beautiful at 43.30!

Wim, 10/5

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2 Responses to 1299 – Russian film about Athos: 1989 – 2005

  1. adrian says:

    First it’s a place where pagan sacrifices were made.
    Second is “one day church” build buy Saint Athanasius the Great in one day. Was build in one day because the devil use to stop him from building the Great Lavra. So he ask to Mother of God to help him and She said that if he will build a small church in one day he will build the monastery.
    The cypress that you see in photo was planted up side down by Saint Athanasius as a testimony.
    if you have more photo with that cypress you will notice is unusual top.

  2. Bosko says:

    “Dreadlock” hermit Stefan wasn’t Russian monk. He was Serbian. On his woolen beanie you can spot Serbian twoheaded eagle, national and state coat of arms. (thanks for sharing this information – Wim)

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