1298 – Karakalou: the interior

 Early morning October 4th 2011: the katholicon

 The interior of the guesthouse

The same hallway, in the opposite direction

Old water basin and tap

One of the chapels behind closed doors (near the guesthouse)

The visitors book in the guesthouse of Karakalou

With the rules of the monastery above it: “concerning hospitality

Athos map in the hallway

Watercolour art from Karakalou: Xizos Michail (?) 1996/7

This last picture shows you something about the things that are to come: this large bell does not belong to Karakalou and originates from the nearby kelli Timiou Stavrou. I wanted to visit this kellion for a long time, because I have seen it in 1986, as reported in older posts “An adventure on the Holy Mountain – part 1 2 and 3” (see 187, 188 and 192 + 702, also see the categories).

And this adventure continues, because we will take a closer look at Timiou Stavrou next time (and I had a special reason to go back there)!

Wim, 8/5

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