1294 – Karakalou

Karakalou: the balcony of the guesthouse, where we spend the evening of Oct 3th with a good conversation

In the early morning of October 4th 2011 we woke up an saw the sun rising at 7: North wing, with building H, Δ 3 (WC/bathroom) and Z1, the guesthouse, see the plan below,

Plan of Karakalou by Mylonas.

Building T, in front of the entrance, with scaffolds and a construction crane: photo shot from the corner of building H.

The entrance of Karakalou, with the construction crane on the right. Notice the white phiale  (B1) behind the crane, outside the monastery walls! (photo thanks to Jitze)

The Phiale: a marble watertap

Two painted red fish and a text in Greek above the watertap

The small dome of the phiale with a badly damaged fresco of the Panaghia and the child Jezus, surrounded by buildings

Stucco falling and cracks in the wall: the present state of maintenance of the phiale

Entrance doors Karakalou

Paul and Peter above the entrance

Agioreitiki Byzantini Ora: Athos time and clock, just after entering the monastery

Wim, 15/4

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