1293 – the old Roussikon pictures found by Paul Robert

Paul Robert published the pictures he found on glass plates in 1982 on this website. With his computer he photoshopped them and now they look as new. He also found some printed pictures in the old photo workshop of Panteleimonos, who were in a very bad shape. Even these pictures are brought back to life by Paul with the help of computer techniques and we are anxious to see them publicated in the near future.

His plan to return the glass plate negatives to a project starded by the monastery Simonos Petras, to collect historical pictures of Mount Athos.

Panteleimonos or Roussikon – before 1917

French sailors/marines Campagne d’Orient 1917-1918

Three French soldiers

More soldiers posing

Two French soldiers posing against a painted background, showing the Panteleimon monastery

The original (reversed) picture from ‘Plaatwerk”1986

Russian pilgrim

The original unedited photo from ‘Plaatwerk’1986

Monk posing with a parchment.

Two monks in their cell

Three monks having tea on a balcony

Two monks in a garden, posing with a bible

The courtyard of Sografou monastery: monks and pilgrims (thanks Fremaki)

A rare picture of monks on horseback or mules(?) near the Panaghia chapel, halfway to the top of Mount Athos

Could the young monk on the horse be this guy?

From ‘Plaatwerk’ 1986

My compliments for the fine work Paul did, the photos do look like new now!

Wim, 4/4

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3 Responses to 1293 – the old Roussikon pictures found by Paul Robert

  1. herman says:

    This is great tresure. Im sure the Athos community especially Panteleimonos would be very pleased that the images will return. In the meantime I am very curious to see the rest of the collection of the 100 glasplates. Has mr. Robert the intention to place them online?

  2. Fremaki says:

    Just a little correction: the third last pictures has not been taken in the Russian monastery of Saint Panteleimon, but in the Bulgarian monastery of Zographou.

  3. Paul Robert says:

    A very late update: The original negatives and copies of the restored photos were not returned to mt Athos because I was told they could not be properly stored there. They are now kept by the cultural association of Ouranopolis where I brought them in 2011.

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