1291 – Paul Robert: four articles in Dutch about Athos

photo: Paul Robert, Novice Michail, 85 years old, came to Athos after his wife died

Last year the Dutch (photo) journalist Paul Robert visited Athos after 30 years, this time together with his 23 year old son. Here are three articles in Dutch, that he published in 2011 in PDF format (I allready showed you the pictues from the Roussikon photo worhshop from 30 years ago in post nr 290, also have a look on this website).

Vakantie Magazine – Athos

Flower Power Travel 3 2011

Financieel Dagblad Athos-17092011

Very recent he published an article (again in Dutch) about this trip last year in the April Edition of Readers Digest (page 66 to 69). He writes about the rare opportunity to interview the Protos of Mount Athos, Elder Barnabas from Vatopedi and shows the fine pictures he took. According to Paul Robert this was the first time ever the Protos gave an interview! For more about his work and photos go to his website.

June 14th 2011 Elder Barnabas from Vatopedi is the new Protos of Athos in the Protaton church, photo: romfea.gr)

Wim, 2/4

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2 Responses to 1291 – Paul Robert: four articles in Dutch about Athos

  1. athos says:

    Nice articles. In one of them is stated that you have a chance to see flamingo’s on Mount athos. Never heard of that nor saw them. Is it true that you find flamingo’s on Athos?

  2. athos says:

    I also read about it, but I would estimate the chance very low to see a flamingo on Athos. The only piece of land that might be suitable for these kind of birds is on a plain near the NE border of Mount Athos, on the right of Nea Roda. I once saw a Glossy Ibis at that spot, also a wetland bird.

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