1287 – historical pictures of Athos II

Here are some more historical pictures, starting with one of the oldest photographic pictures of the mountain from 1857, with a kellion near Provata (?):

view on the Mountain 1857Athos, the mountain in 1857

Vatopedi 1870Thirteen years later, 1870: Vatopedi monastery

Vatopedi beginning 1900Vatopedi in the beginning of 1900 with a few changes: a new building is situated on the right of the small church in the middle, and you can see a second story added on the building on the right.

Russian monk photographer deacon Procopius in Karyes,  beginning 1900 One of the Russian monk-photographers, deacon Procopius (in Karyes),  beginning 1900.

Panteleimon Monastery beginning1900Panteleimon monastery, beginning1900

Panteleimonos vessel beginning 1900Panteleimon vessel, beginning 1900

Panteleimonos constructing the pierPanteleimon: constructing the pier, with a lot of helping hands

Andreou dental office, beginning 1900Skiti Andreou dental office, beginning 1900

Andreou lunch in the courtyard, beginning 1900Skiti Andreou: lunch in the courtyard, beginning 1900

Karyes panorama 1904Karyes: panorama 1904

Karyes grape harvest, beginning 1900Karyes: grape harvest, beginning 1900

Karyes The cell of St. Nicholas Burazeri, beginning 1900Karyes: The cell of St. Nicholas Burazeri, beginning 1900. I do not recall any building/bell tower like this in Karyes in 2011. Does it still excist?

Monastery of St. Paul. Unloading a ship at the pier, 1928Monastery of Agiou Pavlou: unloading a ship at the pier, 1928

Mylopotamos 1947Mylopotamos 1947

Kutlumusiou grape harvest 1950Kutlumusiou grape harvest, 1950

Wim, 29/3

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  1. Vasílis says:

    The cell of St. Nicholas Burazeri (Bourazeri) does still exist, I think. Maybe not exactly as you see it here. And it is not in Karies, but on the road from Karies to I.M Stavronikíta. See p.e. the Facebook of monk Gravilo, who lived there: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.138963249466818.25521.111591225537354#!/media/set/?set=a.138963249466818.25521.111591225537354&type=3

  2. Hello! I am about to start research about photography in Old Valamo monastery, and the photoarchive wich is now in New Valamo, Finland.

    I am interested to know more about the photographers of theese pictures. I have heard there was a darkroom in at least one of the monasteries. Please, also tell me if you know of any other sources on early photographers in orthodox monasteries.

    Yours, Katarina Koskivaara

  3. Bertinos says:

    Hello, I suppose that http://athos.weblog.nl/19-panteleimonos/290-old-pictures-from-panteleimon/ will help you with some basic information.

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