1286 – historical pictures of Athos

Karyes main street 19041904: Karyes main street

1910: the harbor of Chilandariou with Ag. Basiliou in the background: Peter, the King of Serbia, gets an official welcome.

Karyes Axion Esti 19131913: the Axion Esti icon in front of Koutloumousiou

Karyes Engels admiraal A. Kaltorpa, 04-17 juli 19191919 4-17 July: the English admiral A. Kaltorpa visits Karyes, with a crowd and a lot of banners and flags – including a British – hanging from the balconies

Athos 1914-18 11919: Panteleimon monastery with military of the allied armies

Port of Daphne. Acceptance of King George of Greece II, 19371937: Port of Dafni: arrival of King George II of Greece

Karyes 1963 1000 years1963: the celebrations of the Millenium 963-1963

Wim, 25/3

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