1283 – art: Chekmarev and more from the Russian painters Nesterenko and Belyukin

p-chekmarev-a-view-of-mount-athos-P. Chekmarev – A View of Mount Athos (no date) – 2000s?

In posts 520 and 1069 we showed you some paintings of Dmitri Belyukin. Here are some more:dmitri-belyukin-the-pinnacle-of-the-holy-mountain-at-dawn-2005-Dmitri Belyukin – the pinnacle of the holy mountain at dawn – 2005

dmitri-belyukin-a-moonlit-night-on-athos-clouds-2006Dmitri Belyukin – a moonlit night on Athos clouds – 2006

dmitri-belyukin-apples-from-the-holy-mountain-2000-Dmitri Belyukin – apples from the holy mountain – 2000

dmitri-belyukin-in-the-monastery-guesthouse-on-athos-1997Dmitri Belyukin – in the monastery guesthouse on Athos – 1997

dmitri-belyukin-iveron-icon-of-the-mother-of-god-vratarnitsa-1997Dmitri Belyukin – Iveron: icon of the Mother of God Vratarnitsa (Panaghia Portatissa) – 1997

In 519 we published some of Nesterenko’s paintings. Here – again – some more:

vasili-nesterenko-noon-heat-1999Vasili Nesterenko – noon heat – 1999


vasili-nesterenko-spring-on-mount-athos-seasons-cycle-picture-2-1996Vasili Nesterenko – spring on Mount Athos seasons cycle picture – 1996 Oil on canvas, 140 x 180 cm

vasili-nesterenko-an-old-russian-skete-on-mount-athos-1997-e1278904521995Paleo Monastiro

vasili-nesterenko-st-anne-skete-on-mount-athos-1997-e1278904232723Skete Anni

Wim, 20/3

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1 Response to 1283 – art: Chekmarev and more from the Russian painters Nesterenko and Belyukin

  1. Vasílis says:

    For those who go to the Holy Mountain it is useful to mention the famous name in Greek of ‘Iveron: icon of the Mother of God Vratarnitsa’: Panagía Portaítissa

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