1282 – hike from Iviron to Karakalou

In the afternoon Oktober 3th 2011 we started on our last part of our hike that day. After leaving Iviron over the main gravel road, you will soon see the buildings of the 1000 year old vineyard of Mylopotamos, where the cook-monk Epifanius lives, with the friendly monk Ioachim, who we visited in 2009.

Road to Lavra/Karakalou (photo thanks to Jitze)

Rocky beach just before Mylopotamos

Mylopotamos – the tower

Cars just pass through the brook, hikers can use a stone bridge: the next picture is at the same spot.


Google earth

This is an example how easy it is – for unexperienced hikers like us – to take a wrong turn. We didn’t pay attention and took a turn to a lower situated -dead end – road! Our map wasn’t quite accurate, but anyway, we should have noticed earlier that the road was covered with plants and there were no tracks of any cars. It took us half an hour the reach the main road again…… (notice the small house, see pictures below).

Wrong way!

The small house near Karakalou: kellion Agiou Dimitriou

Athos map of kellion Agiou Dimitriou

Kellion Agiou Dimitrion: wine, raki, ouzo and honey: not a bad place to go to! Unfortunately we had no time left, because it was almost 17.00 h., and we had be in Karakalou in time.

Kellion Agiou Dimitriou: seen from the other side

Mount Athos (near Karakalou)

A new chapel is build near Karakalou


Karakalou – with Brother Pachomios from Holland waiting for us.

Wim, 17/3

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