1278 – outside Iviron: the Chapel of the Panaghia and the Arsanas

While prepairing our trip to Athos I used the Road Map of Athos to look for new paths and interesting routes. My plan was to walk from Karyes to Koutloumousiou and Iviron, and from Iviron to Karakalou. On the Road map you can see a path marked with black lines, leaving from the backyard of Iviron. I planned to take this path and after that follow the dirt road to Magoula (with an interesting large (Russian?) building on top of these hills, that I wanted to visit!). Although we tried for more than 10 minutes, we were not able to find any path leaving from Iviron.

Road map Iviron

Iviron - Karakalou 2 03-10-2011The surroundings of Iviron on Google maps (in 2014 I found out that “Magoula” is in fact kelli Ag. Onoufrios see 1627)

We ended up taking the common road to Karakalou, slightly boring, because I have walked this road before, but it gave me the opportunity to see two new Athos spots, the Panaghia chapel on the beach and the arsanas of Iviron.

03-10 Iviron IMG_8454Iviron from the seaside

03-10 Iviron harborHarbor-buildings of Iviron, with Stavronikita on the background

03-10 Iviron beach with Panaghia chapelThe Panaghia chapel and the Arsanas. Earlier we showed you photos from this chapel in post nr 1223. Pictures of Father Ionannis, the fishermonk of the arsanas, are presented here – 990.

03-10 Iviron IMG_8456In front of the chapel this watertap from 1886 is to be found.

03-10 Iviron IMG_8457The entrance to the chapel. The legend says that Maria came to land on this spot, after a long boat trip over the Meditaranian sea. At the place she landed on the beach, a sweet water well appeared. She was so impressed by nature, that she gave Athos the name “Garden of the Mother of God”.

03-10 Iviron Icon in chapelInside the chapel: a famous icon of the Panaghia and her child Jezus.

03-10 Iviron Chapel a wellThe well with a cup to drink the cold sweet water.

03-10 Iviron beach and farmLooking back from the chapel to the beach: a farm /kelli with a beautiful church

03-10 Iviron arsanasThe boat house of Iviron, used by father Ioannis

03-10 Iviron detail arsanas

Half round doors: the arsanas stores the boats inside the building

03-10 Iviron father Ioannis boatFather Ioannis’ boat: unfortunately he was not there.

03-10 Iviron house near arsanas

Another house behind the arsanas

03-10 Iviron panoramaIviron: panorama, taken from the arsanas

03-10 Iviron SE sideView from the arsanas: Kaliagra (arsanas Kouloumousiou) and Stavronikita

03-10 Iviron walls near arsanasOld walls near the arsanas.

Next time we will go to Karakalou

Wim, 10/3

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    Thanks for the post. Would have liked to see the photos of The Panaghia chapel and the Arsanal in higher resolution…they are soft on this side, but, none-the-less am glad to see them. 😉

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