1275 – various Athos art: Mattioli, Bauer, Atwill, Hrastnik and others

Armeno Mattioli, interior of a Athos church (also see post 880)

Bauer watercolour, Sibthorp Flora Graeca – 1800

Douglas Atwill, Panteleimon

Etching – cell of a monk

Franz Hrastnik – Grigoriou

Franz Hrastnik – Grigoriou

Grigoriou aquarel 1981

Dionysiou – aquarel 1981

Illustration 1920 – Karyes

Illustration 1920 – Arsanas Sografou

Kößlinger – monk Esfigmenou -1984

Lavra litho

Liebig card – with a goat!

Panteleimon litho appr. 1870

Wim, 24/2

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