1272 – the Konaki of Karyes (part 3)

In Blog number 1269 and 1270 I showed you pictures of some houses where the presentatives of the monasteries dwell during their stay in the capital. Today we start at the red nr. 3 on the map.

Karyes konaki route 2Number 34 on the map is Konaki of Konstamonitou. It was difficult to come close and take a picture, at least I could’t find a path or any other way to get near. I decided to walk through the garden of building 29 (Konaki Xenofontos), and zoomed in on the building as much as possible.

03-10 Karyes konaki 41 Konstamonitou 34Konaki Konstamonitou

03-10 Karyes konaki 42 Konstamonitou balcony 34Balcony of the Konstamonitou Konaki

03-10 Karyes ProtatonFrom nr 3 on the map I took this photo of the renovated Protaton church and its belltower. Luckily the protecting roof has been dismantled, but inside the church it is still a mess. Iron beams and scaffolds take away the view of the splended freso’s of Panselinos. How long will it take before we once again can enjoy the “Sistine Chapel” of the Orthodox world ?

03-10 Karyes konaki 32 Xerapotamou 46Nr 46: the Konaki of Xeropotamou

03-10 Karyes konaki 40 Xerapotamou 46 building 35 police andProtatonNear 46 Konaki Xeropotamou (at your left) and on your right the police station (nr 35 with Greek flag). The door immediate on the right used to lead you to the other restaurant that is closed now. It was a dark and dirty place, in 1980 a drunk monk was sitting in an obscure corner, just like a scene from a Harry Potter movie.

03-10 Karyes konaki 33 Iviron 37Nr 37: the Konaki of Iviron

03-10 Karyes konaki 34 door IvironThe door to the Konaki of Iviron

03-10 Karyes konaki 35 backside Iviron 37The backside of the Konaki of Iviron with a small church

03-10 Karyes konaki 36 Pantocrator 39Konaki Pantocratoros nr 39

03-10 Karyes konaki 37 Pantocrator 39

Konaki Pantocratoros seen from the other direction (with nr 37 on the background)

03-10 Karyes konaki 39 Panteleimon 45Konaki Panteleimon (nr 45)

03-10 Karyes konaki  38 dead snake near 39

Traffic victim: a dead snake! This ends the pictures from the Konaki. After a next visit to Athos I will try to show the five missing buildings. What follows are some pictures of other buildings in Karyes.

03-10 Karyes bakery a 38Nr 38: the bakery: do pass by to buy fresh bread or a spinach of cheese snack

03-10 Karyes bakery 38The smell of warm and fresh bread (and thiropita in the niche)!

03-10 Karyes konaki 46 behind building 23 and 11 backgroundPhoto from the backside of building 23, the Konaki of the Esfigmenou. On the background again the new building (now nr 23A). According to our helpfull readers the new building also belongs to Esfigmenou, but I wonder if the inhabitants represent the “Zelotes”, or the original owners of the monastery.

The “Foundation stone”of the new building (unfortuanately not sharp enough te read).

I found these drawings of the new building on the Esfigmenou site.

03-10 Karyes konaki 44 ruin near 34A ruin of a kelli near 24

03-10 Karyes konaki 45 kelli Chilandariou 26Kelli Chilandariou: nr 26 on the map

03-10 Karyes konaki 47 behind buildings 11 12 and 13 shopsThis picture is from the backside of the shops at the parking place (nrs. 11, 12 and 13).

This ends my collection of photo’s of the Konaki and other buildings in Karyes. Next time we’ll go to Koutloumousiou.

Wim, 7/2

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  1. Vasílis says:

    One more time about Esfigmenou: As far as I know, the buildings on the picture, in Kariés, should not be called konaki, because the new formed Esfigmenoubrotherhood is living there. Their website: (not in use anymore 4/14). The monks living in the old big monastery are called zelotes.

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