1262 – new Athos map (and some older ones)

A new Athos map is published 2011 by Rama Editions.

New Athos map

It is for sale for 7 or 8 euros in the bookshop opposite of the tower in Ouranopolis. The owner was sceptical about the quality, because the monastery Koutloumousiou was missing, and indeed he is right.

To give you an idea of what it looks like, I made this picture (on purpose unsharp, because of copyrights).

Here some more information about the publisher:

My local bookshop in Amsterdam told me that Road Edition maps has gone broke, but the Greek bookshop owner said this publisher will continue his business and be back with new maps. We’ll wait and see.

Here some older maps that I have collected lately:

Top at 1935 meters!

map 1575

Map Mallet 1683

map 1875

map 1899 – top at 1935 meters!

From Izihazm.ru

Wim, 19/10

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