1256 – Diamonitirion and Dafni (day 1)

Ouranopolis: the room where every pilgrimage to Athos starts: the Pilgrimsbureau. At 6 o’clock in the morning we picked up our Diamonitirion (October 3th 2011).

In front of the Pilgrimsbureau: a final check before leaving for the boat at 6.30 h. Tip: do not eat breakfast in one of the cafes, you can buy food and coffee on board of the Ag. Anna.

Sunrise over Mount Athos from the Ag. Anna

Near Monoxylitis (Ag. Nicolaou): Tria Adelfia (three brothers), also the name of the best wine they produce at this small settlement (unsharp picture!)

Daybreak at Mount Athos

After leaving the boat at Dafni most pilgrims go to the left to see the shops and wait in a restaurant for the bus to leave. This picture is taken on the road, after turning to the right. This road that leads you to some (deserted) buildings. They are seldom photographed and the purpose of most of these buildings is not known to me.

Dafni from Google Earth: the road to the right is just behind the yellow marker (and the ticket/customs office) .

Dafni – old houses, not far from the only public toilet (bring your own paper!)

Dafni – new ‘supermarket”

Dafni – an old deserted building near the sea side. On the background the only church in Dafni.

Dafni – houses and the church, near the chanelled mouth of the creek

Dafni – the dried up mouth of the creek

Dafni – another unknown corner of this small town

Wim, 9/1 (next time pictures form Karyes and its konaki)




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