1252 – a trip to the Athos border and Zygou monastery (or Frankokastro)

One of our traditional hikes on the day before entering Athos, is the short walk to the border. 

The distance is only 2,2 km and it takes about 25 minutes.

At the border you will find a closed gate. The Tsantali bus is to be seen on the other side, waiting for visitors to bring them to the vineyards of Chromitsa. Later this month I will show you how this gate will be opened…….. (also see this blog).

Visiting Zygou monastery: plastic covers your shoes, to protect the glass plates, which are placed over the mosaic-floor of the ruined katholicon.

 Zygou: part of a painting is still to be seen

Zygou ground plan

Rocky beach near the Athos border

Sunset in Ouranopoli, seen from the balcony of our favorite and cheap hotel Akrogiali.

Wim, 2/11

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