1234 – Athos June 2011: Skiti Prof. Eliou and Pantocratoros

Mr Jan Paul ten Bruggencate started his latest visit to the Holy Mountain with a night in Skiti Profitou Eliou. This is an extraordinary achievement, because non-orthodox pilgrims are not allowed to sleep in this Skiti.

He told me that he used the help and influence of his German Athos friends, who have a special relationship with this Skiti.  006 Skiti Prof EliouSkiti Profitou Eliou

009 Skiti Prof Eliou

010 Skiti Prof Eliou ingang Entrance

015 Skiti Prof Eliou inside church Inside the katholicon

013 Skiti Prof Eliou flowers and monk Monk watering the flowers

014 Pantocratoros Pantocratoros seen from Profitou Eliou

026 Pantocratoros r Eliou The other way around: Profitou Eliou from Pantocratoros

021 Pantocratoros Pantocratoros and the Holy Mountain

023 Pantocratoros JPtB kiosk 2  The kiosk of Pantocratoros: Jan Paul ten Bruggencate and a monk with fancy sunglasses

019 Pantocratoros Katholicon Katholicon Pantocratoros

018 Pantocratoros trapeza Pantocratoros trapeza

016 Pantocratoros sterfbed PanaghiaFresco trapeza: the Panaghia on her deathbed

017 Pantocratoros sterfbed Efraim de Syrier Fresco trapeza: the deathbed of Efrem the Stylite from Syria. The most reliable date for his death is 9 June 373. Look at the fine decorations above this scene: Saints with delicate red and white vines between them!

025 Pantocratoros and mountainStavronikita and the Holy Mountain

Wim, 4/7 (edited 11/4/15)

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