1226 – Greek magazine Archeiologia March 1995 – nr 2

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080 Docheiariou 1835 Efymov - Davydov
Docheiariou bu Efimov in 1835. This water-color is made by an unknown artist, probably around 1900.

090 Sografou between 1865-1882
Photograph of Sografou seen from the north-east, an early picture, taken between 1865-1882.

0100 Filotheou before 1872
Early photograph of Filotheou. According to the buildings shown, this picture is taken before 1872.

0101 photoalbums 1912
Photoalbums Athos 1904-1913

0110 Roussikon before 1862 painting 1892
Panteleimonos before 1862. This oil color painting is in the Trapeza and is painted in 1892, probably after a photograph of 1859-60.

0120 Roussikon 1871
Panteleimonos around 1871

0130 Roussikon 1851-61
Graphic representation of Panteleimonos as it was in 1851-61. Colored lithograph in the library of the monastery.

0150 Grigoriou before 1891
Grigoriou before 1891, before the extension of 1891-1896. This photograph also belonged to the important collection of views of monasteries, that hung in the guesthouse of Karakallou which was destroyed by fire in 1988.

0160 Vatopedi 1857
Vatopedi, after 1857. This picture belongs to the Sevastianov collection in St. Petersburg. Because he visited Vatopedi 1857, this picture must have been taken in this year (or in 1859-60), thus being one of the oldest existing views of Athos (Library of the Academy of Fine Arts – St. Petersburg).

0170 Simonospetras before 1862
Simonospetras before 1862. This picture also belongs to the Sevastianov collection in St. Petersburg and he visited this monastery in 1859-60.

180 Ag Pavlou Efymov Davydov 1835
Ag. Pavlou by Ekimov 1835. It is important because it records the interior arrangement of the monastery in 1835,which has since been totally altered. Especially important is the image of the old Katholicon (Gennadios Library).

0181 Lavra Efymov Davydov 1835
Lavra 1835. It is one of the vignettes of the Davydov map, drawn by N. Ekimov in 1835, published as uncolouered etching in 1839, and water-coloured by hand probably around 1900.

Besides showing the Tower, the Katholicon and east wing, it is of special interest because it shows the Church of Michael Sinnada, destroyed during the 1905 earthquake.

0190 Roussikon 1835 Richebois G. Birman
Panteleimonos from the West, 1835(?). Colored lithograph by Richebois, issued in Paris, after a drawing of G. Birman of 1835. This drawing, besides its elegance, is important because it shows a Post-Byzantine church, which could be no other than the Kyrakion or main church of the old Monydrion (small monastery) of Ananlipsis, which was totally absorbed by the big monastery and vanished.

0200 Ghikas Athos from Sithonia
N. Ghika, Athos seen from Sithonia.

Wim Voogd, 5/6/2011

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  1. petre besliu says:

    Were are the historical picture taken from? I am going to display an exibition in Tulcea, Romania, about the fortification ( the fortifications of the monasteries).Could I use them??
    dr.Petre Besliu, archaeologist, The Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu,Ro

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