1225 – Greek magazine Archeiologia March 1995 – nr 1

Pavlos Mylonas writes in an article in this Greek magazine – in Greek with a short summary in English -about Mount Athos and paintins and pictures from the 19th century.

The pantings are from a Russian artist Efymov, who painted Athos in 1835 and his works were published by Davydov. I will also show you the earliest existing Athos-photographs from 1869-70, made in Lavra, while they were building the treasury. Many of these old pictures have been hanging on the wall of the guesthouse of Karakallou, that was burnt in 1988. Luckily mr Mylonas has been able to keep a few of these pictures.

01 Panteleimonos

View of the monastery Panteleimonos from the West, showing the state of the compound in the period 1895-1908. This is a section of a large painting that is hanging in de guesthouse of the monastery.

02 Ag Pavlou 1900 Davydov
Water-color painting by N. Efimov 1835, showing Agiou Pavlou (Gennadios Library)

03 boathouses Pantocratoros Spirou Papaloukas1935
Arsanas of Pantocratoros 1935, painted by Spyros Papaloukas (also see 1053)

041 Davydov 1835 map 2 040 Davydov 1835 map 1

Monochrome map of Athos from the atlas of Davydov 1835 (published in 1839), decorated with views of some of the monasteries (see below).

042 map lavra etching

043 map ag pavlou etching

044 map Lavra etching 2
Lavra (?)

045 map unknown place 4

046 map unknown place 5 Docheiariou

047 map Vatopedi

048 map Filotheou
Roussikon (?)

049 map unknown place
Unknown place with palm tree

050 map unknown place 2

051 map unknown place 3
Iviron (?)

052 map aquaduct
Aquaduct outside Filotheou(?)

053 map interior
Interior monastery 1835

061 E. Papadimitriou 1934
Wood cut made by E. Papadimitriou 1934 (frontispiece of Papantoniou’s book Hagion Oros) (for balloon art see 312)

070 Lavra 1869-70
And I will end this blog today with the oldest exsisting photograph of Athos, made in 1869-70. Extensive photographic work in these years was carried out by an important Russian expedition, headed by Count Peter Sevastianov, who widely published his work in newspapers and magazines in Russia and France in the 1860s. These pictures are shown to Mylonoas in Moscow and St Petersburg, because they were no longer to be found in Karakallou, because of the 1988 fire.

Notice that the construction of the treasury of Lavra is to be seen!

Next time more of this greek magazine from 1995.

Wim Voogd, 2/6

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