1223 – Iviron: pictures from Russia

I found these fine pictures on a Russian site, some of them taken with wide angle lens. You can read about the wonder of a beggar who visited Iviron in 1917 an how the archondaris had to refuse him entering the monastery, because it was too poor to welcome visitors. When the guestmaster asked the beggar to wait to get some bread, the beggar spoke some words and his face became shining and invisable ! Afterwards it showed out that the beggar was Christ himself who appeared ! (Dear Adrian and Aleksandros, thanks for your commends, yesterday evening I did not take enough time to get the right information with these pictures).

Iviron beach and sea
Iviron – rocky beach

Iviron well and beach
Iviron: the boat house and a small building. This is the spot where, according to the legend, the Mother of God landed on Athos and called it “The Garden of the Holy Virgin”, and where she proclaimed that no other women could enter.

Iviron wel
Iviron – the small building containing the well

Iviron inside the well

Inside the well, with a icon of the Panaghia and the child Jezus
Iviron water from the well

Drinking water from the well

Iviron exonarthex

Iviron – the exonarthex

Iviron exonarthex fresco Apocalips
Iviron – fresco’s of the Apocalipse in the exo-narthex (Revelations 10, 9-11)

Iviron inside katholikon
Iviron – the katholicon

Katholikon Iviron
Iviron – the chapel with the famous Portaitissa, the wonder-icon next to the gate of Iviron. It was in my first hours of a trip to Mount Athos in 1980, when I saw a monk making at least 100 kneelings in front of this icon, bowing his head to the floor. I was deeply impressed by this act of worship!

Iviron iconostasis
Iviron – iconostasis with icons of the famous Theofanes of Crete

Iviron relics
Iviron – relics

Wim, 25/5

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  1. Adrian says:

    photo 3,4,5 …you don’t really know what place it is?! In photo 9 it’s the most famous icon from Holly Mountain “Portaitissa”. When this icon will disappear the end of times is near(rhyme:D ). There is a connection between the “hut” from photo 3,4,5, Portaitissa and that beach. It’s the place where Virgin Mary saw for the first time Mount Athos and where had sad foot on the ground saying that “this my place that God gave it to me and i will take care of it and of the people that will come to serve God here from now on up to the end of time”. The water from well is aghiasma. Portaitissa came floating surrounded by light, Monk Gavril walked on the water and after that he took it on the beach. The place where the icon thouch the ground it’s the place of that well wich wasn’t there before. sorry for my grammar

  2. Adrian says:


  3. aleksandros says:

    Photo 9 – it’s Iviron’s chapel (not katholicon ) 🙂

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