1220 – Pantocratoros (day 3 – 32)

img_3694-pantocratoros-and-heath-large Pantocratoros and heath – 29 September 2009

In the afternoon of our third day on Athos we arrived at Pantocratoros. Two years before, in 2007, we planned to stay for one night in this monastery, but the loud sound of drills and workmen reminded us to much of our “normal” life outside Athos, so we decided to sleep in Stavronikita then. In 2009 the renovation was almost finished, so we succesfully tried agian to stay overnight. img_3693-pantocratoros-and-harbour-large Pantocratoros and its harbor

Pantocratoros – harbor (with Skiti Prof. Eliou in the background)

Plan of Pantocratoros (from the book of Feigl – 1980) img_3699-stavronikita-from-pantocratoros-largeStavronikita and the Holy Mountain, seen from Pantocratorosimg_3701-pantocratoros-entrance-large
Pantocratoros – gate (still under renovation)img_3720-pantocratoros-entrance-fresco-large Entrance – fresco under the roof with an image of God, surrounded by Saintsimg_3703-pantocratoros-kiosk-large
Pantocratoros – the kioskimg_3700-pantocratoros-kiosk-conversation-large
A conversation in the kiosk img_3702-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-west-wall-largePantocratoros – the outside wall (West side)img_3704-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-ruined-house-large
Pantocratoros – West side: a ruined houseimg_3705-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-old-path-large
Pantocratoros – an old path

Pantocratoros – still life of jars and a (once) blue colored wall with a tap (in the middle a square stone with unknown inscriptions in it)img_3707-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-path-leading-to-north-large Pantocratoros – a path leading to NW-directionimg_3708-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-nw-corner-large
Pantocratoros – West cornerimg_3709-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-west-side-with-grapes-large Pantocratoros – West side (with grapes)img_3710-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-nw-side-largePantocratoros – NW corner (with waste)img_3711-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-north-side-large
Pantocratoros – North wingimg_3716-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-north-side-detail-large
North side  – detailimg_3712-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-north-side-large Pantocratoros – North sideimg_3714-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-house-north-isde-large
Pantocratoros – North of the monastery you can find a small Katismata, beautifull situated above the sea img_3715-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-house-north-side-large Pantocratoros – the small house above the seaimg_3717-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-house-nw-corner-large
Pantocratoros – an old house in the NW cornerimg_3718-%ef%bb%bfpantocratoros-small-house-storage-room-large
Pantocratoros – inside the small house: a storage room

Wim, 10/5 (next time more about the interior of Pantocratoros)

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  1. art says:

    Very long report in Vanity Fair about Greece and Vatopedi – worth reading.
    It seems to be he had a permit only for Vatopedi.


  2. George F Australia says:

    Hi Herman,

    The Athonite Academy or formally “Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy” known on Athos as “Athoniada” is still functioning to this very day. I am a former student. The academy opened in 1749 and ceased to operate at the above building around 1821 when the Greek Revolution began. It re-opened in Karies in 1842 and moved into a custom built building in Karies in 1844. In 1930 the academy moved to its current premises (Former guest wing of St. Andrews Skete) and ceased operating in 1940 due to World War 2. It re-opened in 1953 and has remained open since.
    It is the oldest functioning school in Greece and one of the oldest in the world.

    See: http://lyk-ekkl-athon.chal.sch.gr/Istoselides/index.htm
    Also: Search for Athonias Ecclesiastical Academy on Facebook.

  3. Antohe F. says:

    hi !!! I want to know if there Restoration plans for these ruins. Thank you very much for this splendid Bolog . God bless you all ! Please let me know about this topic to the mail andoriaxxx.@yahoo.com , and I would be honored to know the blog owner . God bless

  4. Jan Paul ten Bruggencate says:

    I should like to be in contact with Mr. Wim Voogd.

  5. Antohe F. says:

    who is Wim Woogd ? and he has the answer to My questions ?

  6. Wim Voogd says:

    Dear Antone F,
    Wim Voogd is the web master of this weblog. I never heard of any plans of restoring the old ruins of the Athonite Academy above Vatopediou, also because there is a new academy next to Skiti Andreou near Karyes (look here infor more: http://www.athoniada.gr/

    Wim Voogd

  7. Antohe F. says:

    Thank you very much for information , seems to have so many knowledgeable on Mount Athos .I personally being directly interested in restoring and preserving history monumenlelor and believe that restoring those will bring value to the whole world . I hope that in future all the historical monuemtele on Athos to be restored and put into use .I know that the European Commission trying to make new rules what is absurd to do after 1000 years. Thank you very much Mr. Wim and I would love to know you to discuss more detail about this subject.it seems that you reside in Holland. So..me to…Rotterdam To be more specific .Thank you and God bless us

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