1213 – Stavronikita (day 3 – 31)

img_3682-stavronikita-cactus-largeStavronikita with cactus

After visiting Kaliagra I went back to Stavronikita, to pick up fellow pilgrim Peter and to continue our trip to Pantocratoros. But first some more pictures of Stavronikita.img_3683_edited-1
At the entrance door: a badly damaged fresco of Ag. Georgiou and the dragon, with highly placed officials (the Byzantine emperor?) in a tower, offering two keys. An archangel on the right.img_3684_edited-1-large
Stavronikita – The fortified door at the gateimg_3689-stavronikita-small-wine-barrels-large Stavronikita – the wine cellar with small oak barrels, to tap the wineimg_3690-stavronikita-wine-barrels-large
Stavronikita – large wine barrelsimg_3685-stavronikita-large
Stavronikita – 29 September 2009img_3691-stavronikita-arch-large
Stavronikita – the path leading to Pantocratorosimg_3692-stavronikita-panorama-large
Stavronikita – looking back to the mountain and the monastery, on the road to Pantocratoros.

Wim, 12/4

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