1212 – the bay of Kaliagra (day 3 – 30)

img_3677-kaliagra-beach-kellion-largeA kellion above the Kaliagra beach, Agios Nikolaos Nerantzona.

It looks like the house is still inhabited, because the roof and windows are intact. What is different from other settlements is the huge tower-like building that is attached to the living quarters. It looks rather old to me and I wonder what the purpose was of such a big square shaped building. The name of the place is not mentioned in the Road Edition map (look here). At the right end of the beach this structure can be found:img_3678-kaliagra-well-at-beach-largeIt looks like a former watertap / well at the beach, just below the building/kellion. Could the white marble stones originally come from antique Greek times?img_3679-kaliagra-inscription-well-largeObviously the place belongs to Koutloumousiou.img_3680-kaliagra-ruined-house-largeWhen you continue the path to Stavronikita you will see this ruin of a building, that is almost destroyed.img_3681-kaliagra-ruined-house-largeIn the picture below in more detail, a picture of 20 years ago – thanks Dimitris):House between Kaliagra and StavronikitaWim, 6/4

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  1. Fremaki says:

    I think the building in pictures 2 and 3 marks the border between Koutloumoussiou’s territory and Stavronikita’s.
    Someone confirms ?

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