1210 – Kaliagra/Arsanas Koutloumousiou 1 (day 3 – 28)

In post 1201 I ended with a picture of the path from Stavronikita to Kaliagra. As I told in 1201, I wanted to visit the Kaliagra harbor and buildings, so I took a hike of 15 minutes.

img_3646-ne-coast-kaliagra-large The NE coastline of Athos, with Kaliagra and the mountain

Odd-shaped bush, modeled by the wind, overshadowing the path.

Unspoiled beach, littered with wood and slightly polluted, near Kaliagra. This is how beaches look if nobody looks after.

Kaliagra – a fine sandy beach, with an excavator on the right

I drew my own plan of the building (which is not 100% accurate). kaliagra-plattegrondkopie img_3650-kaliagra-north-side-largeKaliagra – view from the North, with the entrance to the boathouse in the tower (building A and B). Someone forgot the remove the scaffolds, after an attempt to renovate the building? img_3651-kaliagra-wooden-stairs-largeStairways to the living-quarters ? (building B and C, stairs G), with on the other/sea site the remnants of balconies. img_3659-kaliagra-s-largeKaliagra – the South site of the building (D, C and B)

img_3660-kaliagra-east-large Kaliagra – the sea site (with remnants of balconies, E)

img_3665-kaliagra-tower-largeKaliagra – the tower or boathouse, building A  img_3652-kaliagra-inscriptionThis stone with a text above the door in the tower at the first stairs (F and H) gives us some more information. In english: The present arsanas……of the abbot…….Koutloumousiou….Second is third:and fourth: Indiktionos. (which means year).

Wim, 4/4/11 edited 4/2/17

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