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Yesterday I finished reading this little book (127 pages). Unfortuanately it is only available in Greek and Dutch, but worth reading especially for pilgrims who will visit Mt. Athos for the first time. The Greek Theologian Vasilis Stergioulis visits Athos in 1985, departing from Ierissos. He describes almost every monastery they pass or visit. The trip goes all the way around the mountain, back along the SW-coast, to Ouranopolis. The book gives – in short – a lot of basic information, but also some interesting information about the Orthodox religion and its customs/rituals. The black and white pictures are of poor quality, but they fit the text and they make this book easy to read. It is published in-house in 2009 by mr Emiel-Andre Vanrysselberghe from Belgium and you can buy it here.

Our reader Joseph showed us this book from Scott Cairns, published in February 2007. I wonder how the book will be, it is on my wish-list. For a poem of Scott Cairns see 1033.

cairns scott

Here some more books, starting with an “exotic” book about Athos, written by Kazuhide Kawamata from Japan, and some titles in German.

Kazuhide Kawamata

2nd book: Fritz Kreichauf, Als Pilger auf dem Athos (184 p.), 1984 and 3th: Hans Steinacker Athos, Weisheit aus der Stille (47 p.), 2002.

Kreichauf Fritz Hans Steinacker Athos  Weisheit aus der Stille

Gerhard Trumler: Athos, The Holy Mountain (196 photos) 1990, made by the famous Austrian photographer. This book “Athos the Holy Mountain” was recognized by the President of the Republic of Athos as the most beautiful photo book on the Holy Mountain in the 20th century”.

Gerhard Trumler Athos  the Holy Mountain

Rudolf Irmler: Geheimnisvoller Athos (140 p.), 1965, Switzerland.

Geheimnisvoller Athos Irmler, Rudolf

Gunther Spitzing: Athos der heilige Berg des Östlichen Christentums (219 p.) 1990

Gunther Spitzing Athos der heilige Berg des Östlichen Christentums

Fabian da Costa: Florilege du Mont Athos (276 p.), 2005

Fabian da Costa Florilege du Mont Athos

Durel Alain: La Presqu’ile Interdite. Initiation Au Mont Athos (241 p.), 2010

Alain Durel - Laresque ile Monte Athos sept 2011

Three books of Jean Bies, a French philosopher and author:

1. La Montagne transfiguree,2000

book jean bies athos la montage transfiguree

2. Voyage a la Sainte Montagne, 1980

Jean Bies Voyage a la Sainte Montagne

3. Mont Athos (196 p.), 1963

book jean bies Mont Athos

I will finish with these four books, one in Greek, the rest in English:

Ralph Harper: Journey from Paradise, (Mt). Athos and the interior life (125 p.) 1987

Harper Journey from Paradise

Luiz Rocha: Mount Athos, A Journey of Self-discovery (104 p.), 2009

Mount Athos A Journey of Self-discovery Luiz Rocha 2009

Monk Gabriel Philotheitis – Glimpses of the Holy Mountain – Photographs of Mount Athos (in Greek – 88 p.), 1997

Gabriel - Glimpses of the Holy Mountain

Gareth Morgan: Athos 60: A Journal of a Visit to the Holy Mountain in the Days of Its Decline (125 p.), 1994

Gateth Morgan Athos 60A Journal of a Visit to the Holy Mountain in the Days of Its

Wim Voogd, 29/3

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