1206 – more Athos books

In the last months I collected images of a few “new” Athos books. First three old ones:

Stanislas Neyrat- L’Athos, D’une excursion a la presqu’ile et a la montagne des moines, 1880, in French with black and white pictures

fronitispiece book



letter in book

prof elias

E.M. de Vogue – Syrie, Palestine, Mont Athos: Voyage aux payes du passé – 1887

boek De Vogue 1887

R.M. Dawkins, The Monks of Athos, 1936

dawkins 1936 monks of athos 1

dawkins monks of athos foto Docheiariou 4
Dawkins – Phiale Docheiariou

Paul Mylonas – Atlas of Athos lexicon 1,2 and 3: 2000. I just bought the second book, which is full of the finest aereal pictures of monasteries. Later more about this book.

book Paul Mylonas Lexicon nr 1 book Paul Mylonas Lexicon nr 2 book Paul Mylonas Lexicon nr 3

Alexander Deroko – Athos

Alexander Deroko Athos

Chr. Dahm – Athos, Mountain of Light, 1958 / and  Constantine Cavarnos, Anchored in God, 1975

leica photografy 1963
And this issue of Leica fotografie magazine from 1963, although I’m not sure if this picture is taken on Mt. Athos, because the interiour of this church does not look like an Athos church and I cannot remember seeing this type of stained glass on Athos. It is said that Athos pictures can be seen in this magazine, does anyone know?

Wim, 27/3

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3 Responses to 1206 – more Athos books

  1. Vasílis says:

    It is definitely not a Athos church (as far as I know). The architecture does not fit, as far as I can see in this context an iconostasis is missing as well as wallpaintings. Also the ‘chairs’ look more like ‘kneeling benches’ and on Athos ‘chairs’ are not placed in this way. Besides that, an icon of a saint is not hanging on a wall, you cannot venerate it.

  2. Susanna says:

    I would add to the above comment that to me the two monastics in the photo look more like women.

    Enjoying your blog.

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