1193 – Simonospetras (day 3 – 25)

IMG_3614 Simonospetras courtyard with opening to balcony 
Simonospetras – courtyard, with in the background the opening to the famous high balcony of the monastery

IMG_3615 Simonospetras balcony with bell 
Simonospetras – After leaving the courtyard you find yourself on this balcony, with a bell and a iron semantron. You have to beware, because if can't stand hights, don't go here!

 IMG_3620 Simonospetras balcony corner
Simonospetras – sharp turn at the corner

38 Quinn Simonospetras plan 
Simonospetras plan – The corner in the picture above is just above the number 38.

 IMG_3621 Simonospetras balcony with 2nd bell and gardens
Simonospetras – the balcony, with a second bell and the gardens below

IMG_3622 Simonospetras - arsanas 

Simonospetras – looking down at the harbour – arsanas

054 Athos balkon S. Petras 054 
Simonospetras 1989 – the same balcony ten years earlier: it looked more dangerous back then!

IMG_3623 Simonospetras 2nd bell 

Simonospetras – The second bell with a view toward the Mountain / Dionysiou/ Agiou Pavlou / Ag. Anna

IMG_3624 Simonospetras monk on balcony 
Simonospetras – further along the balcony, were the monks' cell are: a monk pealing nuts(?)

Wim, 27/2

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  1. Bart Corijn says:

    Just a note to say I am a real fan of your blog. I was in Athos last year for 5 days and absolutely loved the place. Thanks for making these varied but always interesting posts.
    Bart (Gent, Belgie)

  2. herman voogd says:

    Thanks very much for your nice words . Please explain how did you arrange to stay for 5 days. The standard is that you get a permit for 4 days (3 nights).

  3. Bertinos says:

    Any chance that the mainly Dutch-speaking Orthodox Church in Ghent was involved? 😉

  4. Bart Corijn says:

    Feel free to contact me via e-mail.

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