1184 – Bogoroditsa or Xylourgou

Bogoroditsa and Iliou[1]

Our reader Stephan Bakker showed us this short film of Skiti Bogoroditsa or Xylourgou.

…film is no longer available 1/2014…

See more here:


Bogoroditsa skulls

Bogoroditsa skulls 2

Bogoroditsa monks and men

IMG_4833 (1)

folder  Bogroditsa
Wim, 6/2

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4 Responses to 1184 – Bogoroditsa or Xylourgou

  1. Sotiris says:

    Maybe you were lucky that you took the wrong turn ! As I commended in a previous post we did in October both the Aeropotamos path on our way down and the Onoufrios path on our way up. The Onoufrios path is not signposted and the upper section is difficult to follow. I have a description of the route in Greek in my site http://vision.iti.gr/sotiris/routes/route.php?uid=9dcf0dbd but also a sketch in http://vision.iti.gr/sotiris/public/Aqwnas/M.Dionysioy-Antiaqwnas/Antiaqwnas.pdf

  2. Wim says:

    Sotiris, can I use your very fine PDF map in this blog ? (with a link to your site?)

  3. Sotiris says:

    No problem.

  4. aleksandros says:

    It’s in Ukranian.

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