1178 – Film: Passages Through Paradise 2001

DVD Passages through paradise 2001
Ten years ago this Greek documentary is made, mainly shot in the russian Skiti Ag. Andreou (Serail). You can see it on You Tube:

part 1: old filmfootage, scenes from the Serail in the winter, Karyes and Lavra.

part 2: Serail – winecellar, church (before restauration), relics, icons

part 3: Serail, Karyes (Protaton – Panselinos), kellion tailor, Serail photos/ library, Simonospetras

part 4: Serail – blacksmith, clock, horses and cats, Iviron, kellion semantron

part 5: Serail – fence, bells, winter, icons, church

part 6: Serail, Palio Monasterio, Roussikon, nature, Serail ossuary, Pascha Protaton, the Cross, kellion, Pharmacy Serail

part 7: jewelery, Panaghias, the Top, icon painting, Serail photo studio, Kavsokalivia, Kaliagra, boat.

Two more DVD’s about Athos/monasteries are for sale on Ebay:

DVD Agion Oros 2004
DVD Monastiria Trikorfou 2006

A reader from Rumenia showed us a DVD about Athos, with images of Skiti Prodromou and long monoloques of Rumenian monks (see here on You Tube).
Wim, 27/1

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