1175 – First sea views of Athos

Once embarked on one of the vessels to Athos from Ouranopolis you get a perfect view of the monasteries from the sea. It gives a wonderful perspective on the Medieval buildings and small harbours (arsanas). In 2009 we took the Apos Pantaleimonos. It is a very pleasant cruising. Accompanied by monks, who rest, read or chat, pilgrims who flock together, who sing and talk. An all male trip. Accompanied by the seagulls flying along the boat. A pilgrim fed them by holding a piece of bread in his hand. The seagulls dove and picked the bread. The first building on Athos you can see from the sea is the border building.


The next view from the boat is the Russian skete Thivais. Still a bit in ruins. But some work is going on.  It belongs to Panteleimonos.


The ruins of Megáli Jovantsa.

Then suddenly the first view of the mountain at the end of the penisula. A bit mystic in the morning light. The entrance to an ancient and different world.

This is near the arsanas of Thivais where the ferry doesn´t stop.


I´m not sure about the arsanas below. It is probably the arsanas of Monoxylitis, the vineyard.


Very close to the arsanas of Sografou lies the arsanas op Konstamonitou (where we left Athos on our way back).

The view of Xenofontos.


Finally we reached Pantaleimonos where we disembarked.

Bas Kamps

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