1173 – Grigoriou 2 (day 3 – nr 21)

In nr 1163 I promised to show some detailed pictures of this monastery:

IMG_3559 Grigoriou refectory 
Trapeza/Refectory Grigoriou – see plan on 1168, nr 4

Next to the trapeza is the kitchen (F):IMG_3568 Grigoriou kitchen 
A relatively modern kitchen, with a espresso machine. Look at the two clocks in the left upper corner: one for the "Athos"-time and one for the outher-world, our time ?

IMG_3566  Grigoriou Osios Grigorios 
The entrance to the osios Grigorios chapel (T on the map), wth five fine mosaics of the Pantocrator, diciples and saints. Again, two clocks, showing two different times, hang on the wall on the right!

On the outside wall of the refectory you can finds two icons: IMG_3558  Grigoriou icon Christ

Icon of Christ

IMG_3560  Grigoriou icon Panaghia and child 
A wonderfull icon of the Mother of God with her child Jezus 

IMG_3562  Grigoriou door with inlaid wood 
Door with inlaid wood – I forgot where this door leads to, it is near the entrance of the Katholicon.

IMG_3563 Grigoriou fresco church Michael 
On the left side of the entrance to the Katholicon you can see a painting of Archangel Michael

IMG_3561  Grigoriou fresco churh Gabriel 
And the right side a painting of Archangel Gabriel

 IMG_3564  Grigoriou icon John Prodromos
Icon of the Prodromos (John the Forerunner)

IMG_3565  Grigoriou icon with church 
Icon from 1991 with Saint Barnabas and the diciple Paulos offering a church

Wim, 16/1

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