1165 – Athos iPhone App

At November 16th 2010 the first Athos application for the iPhone was launched. It is for sale for € 1,59 and offcourse I tried it .

The App is developed by GuidePhone.com/Amfinomi.

My first disappointment: on the Dutch App Store it says that the app is in English, but the app is only in Greek. Although the app gives you a relatively complete idea of all the important places and buildings on the Holy Mountain, the quality of the information is very poor! There is no detailed information, exept for some general historical background. Practical information about a visit and the pilgrimage is completely missing. The (aerial) pictures old and not made by a professional (even I can do better). 


The (old) aerial picture of Koutloumousiou and the only English text on this app: "FOR MORE INFO PRESS i".

Newly developped apps usually give you photos in HD quality (look at the free Nasa App!), but not this one! In a very low resolution pictures are unsharp and not suited for a high quality iPhone display. Don't even think of looking at these photos on an iPad display, it is a disaster!


Amateur pictures of monasteries.


The main menu

The publisher might have taken his change to provide the buyer of this app with a good map of Athos, so it could make a hike on the Holy Mountain a bit easier, having a map in your phone. Look here at (a part of) the result: it is terrible, the worst map of Athos I have ever seen! Only two roads are drawn and they even lead the wrong way!

My advise: do NOT buy this app. I shall be waiting for the FREE update (Athos 2.0): there is a lot of work to be done!

Wim, 11/1/11

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  1. Vasílis says:

    You are right, Wim. Well done!

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