1164 – Grigoriou (day 3 – nr 20)

IMG_3550 Grigoriou

Grigoriou on the 29th of September 2009, early in the morning, seen from the path that leads to Dionysiou.

Grigoriou plattegrond 
Plan of the monastery

IMG_3551 Grigoriou near cemetary

Grigoriou – near the cemetery (A) and the chapel D and E.

 IMG_3552 Grigoriou entrance
Grigoriou – the entrance from above (nr 1)

IMG_3553 Grigoriou entrance 2 
Grigoriou – the road/bridge that leads to the entrance

IMG_3554 Grigoriou 1st courtyard

Grigoriou – the first courtyard with four (nowadays hardly seen) mules, with on the background the second entrance (nr 1a on the plan)

 IMG_3555 Grigoriou 2nd entrance mozaik and fresco
Grigoriou – a mosaic of Ag. Grigoriou above the second entrance, holding the monastery in his left hand and a stick in his right. The fresco around it is badly damaged: I see the Holy Virgin in the middle with two times three saints on both sides. 

 IMG_3556 Grigoriou second courtyard
Grigoriou – the second courtyard, standing with my back to the church, near the well (5) and the guesthouse (2) and the clocktower (L) – Kodonostasion, and chapel (J) Ag. Anastasia Rhomea.

IMG_3557 Grigoriou clocktower 
Grigoriou – guesthouse (2) on the left and clocktower (L) right

IMG_3567 Grigoriou church 
Grigoriou – Katholicon (Ag. Nicolaou) (3), on the left the chapel of Osios Grigoriou (T) 

IMG_3577 Grigoriou the famous palmtree 
Grigoriou – the courtyard with the famous palmtree of the monastery (R)

Wim, 11/1/11

(next time more from the interior and some more details of this wonderfull monastery)

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