1162 – art: Spyros Papaloukas

Spyros Papaloukas
Recently sold at Sotheby’s auctionhouse for app. EUR 80.000. The skete of Kavsokalyvia is one of the most distant and remote on Mount Athos. It is built on exceptionally rugged terrain, surmounting a single rock on a cliff overlooking the sea.

The present work is a rich example of Papaloukas’ finest works from his Mount Athos period. Having initially trained as an apprentice to an icon painter, Papaloukas travelled to Mount Athos with his room-mate in Paris, the artist Fotis Kontoglou, in 1923. The aim of Papaloukas’ trip into the wilds of nature was to recover from his experiences as a war artist in the Greek army during the Asia Minor campaign, to further his studies of Byzantine iconography, and to paint the local scenery.

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Papaloukas ars lavra
Another work of Papaloukas: the harbour (arsanas) of Lavra. To get an impression of the real situation at this small harbour in 1916 click here.

Spyros lavra
Same place same artist. I could not find a recent image of this exact location. Who has a recent picture of these boathouses? ?


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