1155 – Happy New Year !

Our best wishes for the new year 2011.

We are proud to see that 40.000 visitors from 133 countries visited our weblog in 2010 98.300 times.

IMG_3730 Athos champagne Iviron
Athos “Champagne” from Iviron: September 2009

IMG_3729 athos etiket champagne from Iviron
Wim + Herman Voogd


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2 Responses to 1155 – Happy New Year !

  1. ravniotis says:

    happy new year my friends. I am one of your fans. you have the best foreign site for mount athos.keep going

  2. Vasílis says:

    Dear Athosfriends, I wish you all the best for the new year. Your site is great. Keep going! You really collected a huge bulk of information and an enormous list of books. I collected all the known (to me) Dutch books and articles for the Dutch readers: http://debergathos.blogspot.com/, januari 2

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