1150 – Karyes

karyes Keliotes

A map of Karyes. For a larger image go to the bottom of the post. The text is translated with the help of Google translate.
1. Byzantine church of Protaton

2. Belfry

3. Medieval tower

4. Building Holy Community

5. Area stores around Protaton, katedapsistikan around 1963

6. Building Single Simonopetra previously housed OTE

7. Building Vatopedi monastery with three stores on the ground floor and housing on the floor: a) shoe before 1937, gap 1940-1981, bookstore 1981 cc, b) a cafe-restaurant in 1952, 1952-1980 grocery, store by 1980 e., c) shoe to 1952, storage

8. Single Building Campus. The ground floor housed the grocery store and tailor shop, bookstore today

9. Single Building Campus (source St. George). Grocery before 1968, tavern on the ground floor and the hotel (from 1968 to present)

10. Baptist Chapel

11. Old Athoniada, now house the Holy Community

12. Kelli Visitation Monastery Gregory (Ioasafaioi) with 4 stores on the ground floor. Prior to 1930 taverns and pharmacy in-house from 1930 cc

13. Kelli St. George Monastery Simonopetra with 8 outlets on the ground floor and residences on the floor. Mostly grocery stores and after the war: a, b) maragkoudika before 1940, c) older grocery store and tailor shop now, d) I. TALEA grocery store, e) I. TALEA grocery since 1937, f) now store the old photo-printer, g) now the bus depot, h) Warehouse

14. Kelli St. Kosma, antiprosopeio Philotheou monastery. A modern building (1964) with 2 shops on the ground floor (Kombologadiko-groceries), which replaced earlier with a single grocery store that was

15. Demolished building of the monastery of Great Lavra (1973) with two shops on ground floor: a0 worked as a cafe-restaurant, baker’s and grocery store until 1973, b) grocery store and then in 1973 as a shoe

16. Protaton Cemetery, St. Nicholas Church

17. Lafrotiko cell of the Life Giving Fountain with two shops on ground floor: a) jewelry Chrysikou today tailor prev. Gabriel b) orologopoieio today tailor. In the early 20th century, functioned in the cell that produced a famous orologopoieio Athonite outstanding.

18. Building houses with shops on the first floor, the property of cells of the Life Giving Source: a) N. brountzadiko Angel from 1889 to 1950, Fr orologodiorthotirio Kyprianou to 1963, now empty. b) bakery and later bakirtzidiko Th TALEA, from 1934 until today

19. Abbey Building Workshop Koutloumousiou resident on the floor, which housed the forge floor. Formerly housed a grocery, manufacturing laboratory and argyrochoeio Torva Street.

20. Abbey Building Workshop Caracalla. The ground floor housed tsagarada to 1985.

21. Building workshops Monastery Karakallou

22. Kelli Assumption, Abbey antiprosopeio Caracalla.

23. Kelli Assumption, antiprosopeio Esphigmenou

24. Kelli Ascension of the Lord antiprosopeio Vatopedi Monastery

25. Kelli Saints, antiprosopeio Docheiariou

26. Monastery of the Virgin Birth cell Chiliandariou

27. Kelli Holy Archangels Monastery of Great Lavra

28. Kelli Prophet Elias Monastery Koutloumousiou (Firfiri)

29. Kelli San Andreas antiprosopeio Xenophon monastery since 1960, former Chiliandarino cell. The shop in the basement served as Post Office

30. Kelli Baptist Monastery Koutloumousiou (Dionysiou Fourna)

31. Abbey Stores Koutloumousiou: a) former tsagarada, ruin, b) coffee, ruin

32. Cell ablation Baptist Monastery Iberians. The shop floor worked “stampadouriko”-chalkografeio (before 1900), grocery (1900-1955) and Kombologadiko (1955 to present)

33. Kelli Birth of the Virgin Monastery of Dionysiou. The shop floor tailor worked (until 1900) and Kombologadiko (1900 to present)

34. Kelli Fathers of Mount Athos, Monastery antiprosopeio Konstamonitou

35. Common stores Holy Community. The floor of the building housed the police since the Turkish and three shops on the ground (mainly groceries, 1900 to present)

36. Building Single Iberians. The floor of the bank operated until 1940. The shop floor grocery store operated (until 1968) and restaurant (1968 to present)

37. Kelli St. Demetrios Monastery antiprosopeio Iberians

38. Building Single Iberians in store operated bakery

39. Kelli Three Hierarchs antiprosopeio Pantocrator Monastery

40. Building workshops “Royal Water”, the Great Lavra Monastery (ruins). At the eastern end of the workshop held served as brountzadiko and later as a cafe.

41. Blacksmith at the Royal Monastery of Great Lavra Water (Fr Philip)

42. Kelli Assumption of Koukouzelis, Great Lavra Monastery

43. Blacksmith kelli Virgin Mary (eg Blessing)

44. Building Monastery of St. Panteleimon, stable, older samaradiko

45. Kelli Saint George, Saint Panteleimon monastery antiprosopeio

46. Kelli St. Demetrios Monastery antiprosopeio Xeropotamou. The ground floor has shops which were housed at intervals barbershop, grocery store, and two tailors Kombologadiko

47. Kelli St. Nicholas Abbey Vatopaidi

48. Kelli Saint Charalambos Moni Vatopedi. At the bookstore recently kellistegastike

49. Monastery of the Virgin Birth cell Karakallou

50. Kelli Chiliandariou Angels Monastery. The cell operated old “stampadouriko”

51. Kelli St. George Monastery Chiliandariou

52. Kelli Virgin Mary Monastery Chiliandariou (Typikario)

53. Abbey Mill Karyes Chiliandariou

54. Kelli Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Panteleimon

55. Kelli Annunciation, antiprosopeio Monastery Chiliandariou

56. Kelli St. Ignatius St. Panteleimon Monastery

57. Kelli Chiliandariou St. Thomas Monastery (ruins)

58. Kelli St. Nicholas Abbey Chiliandariou

59. Kelli St. Demetrius Monastery Chiliandariou

60. Kelli St. Andrew, St. Paul’s Monastery antiprosopeio

61. Kelli Metamorphosis antiprosopeio Single Campus

62. Kelli Transfiguration, an old monastery antiprosopeio Campus today ergatospito

63. Road to A0 kelli Saints, antiprosopeio Abbey Simon Stone and headquarters until 2007 T0, b) cell Koutrouli St. Nicholas and cell Agios Minas Monastery Simonopetra c) cell Saints, Abbey konaki Stavronikita d) St. Andrew’s Skete, e) Kelli St. Gregory Monastery Anargyroi

64. Kelli Saints Anargiri Abbey Gregory

65. Road to the delegation of the Great Lavra, Gregory and Dionysius.

hv thanks to Keliotes

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    Thank you so much!I am searching for months for a map of Karyes.I am Greek studying in Italy and doing my Thesis!Congratulations fol all the information!

  2. Simon says:

    What does “antiprosopeio” mean, please? Thank you.

  3. athosweblog says:

    Antiprospeio means “delegation”: these are the houses where the delegations of the monasteries live, the so called Konaki (also see 1269)

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