1139 – old pictures from Panteleimon

Postcard Panteleimon church Pakrov
A ‘coloured’ postcard from the ‘dubble’ church

Panteleimon luchtfoto 1955
Areal 1955

Panteleimon 1860
An early picture of Panteleimon 1860 (thanks to Izihazm, also see pictures below).

Panteleimon construction of the pier
The construction of the pier of Roussikon: hard labour with bare hands!

Panteleimon men on the pier
Two Athos guards with their traditional “Efzone”-costumes standing on the finished pier.

Panteleimon boots from Odessa 1880
From the same photographer: a boot from Odessa arriving at the pier of Roussikon. Pilgrims arrive in small boats.

Panteleimon painting icons 1880 90
1880/1890: the icon atelier from Panteleimonos

Panteleimon sewing vestments 1880 90
1880/1890: the tailor-monks sewing vestments

1860/70: Russian pharmacy on Athos

Panteleimonos arial
Another picture from the air: you can clearly see the ‘new’ pier.

Panteleimon entrance postcard 18
Panteleimon: the entrance

Panteleimon hospital Postcard
Panteleimon: the hospital

Panteleimon picture
Black and white picture: “Panteleimon from the sea”

and finally a very old picture of Serail: 22th of Oktober 1849:

Skete of andreou 22 10 1849

Wim, 21/11

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  1. ????????? says:

    ???? ????????! See Pascha at I.M. Agíou Dionisíou, Agripnía (Vigil) 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WknEaQWJQCw&feature=related and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sD3m2Mcx-s&feature=related

  2. George F Australia says:

    Wim, thank you for posting these old photos, especially the one in the Icon studio. See below link which explains itself. The Icons with the semi circle top, I am almost certain are the icons on the templon of the Athonias Academy Chapel.


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