1138 – from Dionysiou to Grigoriou (day 3 – nr 19)

Dionysiou grigoriou 
On the 29th of September 2009 we walked from Dionysiou to Grigoriou, over a beautifull and well kept path (see part of the Zwerger-map).

IMG_3541 Dionysiou and harbour 
Dionysiou and its harbour, with the harbour of Ag. Pavlou on the background.

IMG_3542 remarkable rock 
We passed this remarkable rock, with graffity on it. 

IMG_3543 path to Grigoriou Simonos Petras 
A saddlle, were you see Simonos Petras for the first time.

IMG_3544 steep descent 
A steep descent,

IMG_3545 bridge at dry river 
just before a dry bed of a small stream, exactly between the two monasteries.

 IMG_3546 gate to Grigorious area
The gate that brings you in the realm of the Grigoriou monastery: Please always close the door! 

IMG_3548 Grigoriou and Simonos Petras 
At the crest you can enjoy the view of two monasteries: Grigoriou and Simonos Petras.

 IMG_3549 near Grigoriou old paths
Old paths lead to monastery Grigoriou.

Wim, 16/11

Next time more about Grigoriou

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5 Responses to 1138 – from Dionysiou to Grigoriou (day 3 – nr 19)

  1. Dimitris says:

    This particular woodprint of Mylopotamos looks like it was made by the Greek painter and iconographer Markos Kampanis. There was an excibition of his works in the Byzantine museum of Athens recently. He is also responsible for the recent ceiling painting of the guesthouse of Simonos Petras. Here is a recent article about his work from a Greek newspaper.


  2. Pierre says:


    As I plan to go to Mount Athos in a few weeks, I would like to know if you had any trouble going from Dionysiou to Simonopetra via Grigoriou : is the path in good condition ? is it particularly difficult or is it accessible to casual hikers ?

    Many thanks in advance for your answer,

    Best regards,


  3. Wim Voogd says:

    Dear Pierre, the path is in perfect condition. The route you choose to walk is beautifull and it has some steep climbs, but you never go higher then 300 meters and for me(53 years and a casual hiker) is was relatively easy. Enjoy your stay and share your experiences with us!

  4. Pierre says:

    Hi Wim,

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    One more question if I may : did you request an extension of the diamonitirion in Karyes ? If yes, how did you proceed to obtain it ?

    I’ll share my experiences with you, I’m sure this will be worth the trip.


  5. Wim Voogd says:


    We did never ask for an extension in Karyes, but I’ve been told that it is easy to obtain: just go to the building of the Holy Epistatia in Karyes and ask for an extra day!


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