1136 – Dionysiou: more details from the courtyard (day 3 – nr 18)

IMG_3528 Dionysiou courtyard clock and bellDionysiou: Clock with “Athos-time”, a bell and a large wooden semantron. Below is the portico.

IMG_3532 Dionysiou portico columnPortico: a column with a capital. It is difficult to say if this capital is an original part of Christian building/architecture, or that it is an ancient Corinth capital from a nearby ancient city. In many monasteries you can find old greek columns and capitals (Lavra!). Dionysiou / Ag. Pavlou are situated near ancient Thyssus.

Map 1829 Ancient Greece London

IMG_3533 Dionysiou column with inscriptionDionysiou portico: a marble column with a Christian cross and inscription

IMG_3534 Dionysiou fresco above the entranceA painting above the entrance of Dionysiou: Mary, Christ and Prodromos (St. John), with the two archangels left and right.

IMG_3535 Dionysiou the well Dionysiou, just right from the entrance in the a courtyard: a well or fountain.

IMG_3536 Dionysiou breakfast in the guesthouse
Dionysiou: self-serv breakfast in the guestroom (Winfried, Peter and Jitze): bread, marmelade, olives and tea.

IMG_3537 Dionysiou painting guesthouse In the guestroom: a special (and old?) drawing of Dionysiou behind glass (with reflection of the flash).

IMG_3538 Dionysiou panorama 29 September 2009, time to leave Dionysiou and start our hike to Pantocratoros.

Wim, 7/11

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2 Responses to 1136 – Dionysiou: more details from the courtyard (day 3 – nr 18)

  1. George says:

    this looks like a typical early christian capital to me. Probably imported from Thessaloniki or Constantinople. In any case, I am not sure if a corinthian type capital would be likely to be found in an ancient greek town of the area. I can’t remember the style of the ones used in Lavra’s refectory.

  2. Wim says:

    Please have a look at this blog to see the Lavra columns:http://athos.web-log.nl/athos_agios_oros_/2008/04/462—a-trip-to.html

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