1130 – Unprecedented storm hit the north of Mt. Athos

027 Athos - richting Vatopediou
Bad weather over Vatopediou 1997.

An unprecedented storm hit the north of Mt. Athos on Oktober 28th, with a rainfall of an intensity and duration, that will not even remember the old monks. Brooks turned into deep rivers. In the midst of the storm was Vatopediou. At Vatopedi road collapsed rock, cutting off the monastery for many pilgrims. The weather stations Vatopaidi showed a record 235.6 mm! (In one year it rains 643 mm on Athos -2009). We also hear of flooded houses in Karyes and more problems in northern Greece because of the storm and rain.

Storm rain okt 2010

The information is from Keliotis’ site. You also find it on this Russian site, were I saw these intersting historical pictures and information about Athos:
Panteleimon 1960 luchtfoto
Areal Panteleimon 1960 with a fighter jet flying over
Brotherhood of a Russian cell
Brotherhood of a Russian cell
Russen 19
Russian monks and laymen ; http://www.isihazm.ru/?id=398
Wim, 30-10
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  1. George F Australia says:

    The monk on the right hand side of the first image looks like Archimandrite Ephraim Abbot of Batopedi Monastery in his younger days.

  2. Mary says:

    Hi there a friend of mine lived for some time in the Holy Mountain and he met a russian Hermite monk named Father Serafim, who seemed to be a prophet and is now back in Russia. Did you happen to hear anything about him? As he was a fascinating person I am trying to find out about him and his prophecies on the english internet but I have no luck. I know that the russian internet is full of his videos where he warns people about up coming events. Would any reader of this blog who knows russian take the trouble and search a bit about him? The results will be interesting. Thanks a lot, Mary

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