1106 – Photos from 1903

Pant 1903
Courtyard Panteleimonos 1903. There has to be another photograph of this scene.

Vat 1903
Entrance of Vatopedi 1903. I don’t think the building on the right is still there.

The photos are from the book Greece: The journey of the Hellenists1896-1912. There are a few more on the blog of Mystagogy.


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3 Responses to 1106 – Photos from 1903

  1. Wim says:

    It funny to see a minaret on the Holy Mountain!!?

  2. Vasilis says:

    It is not fysical reality what is depicted. Islam was growing, visible (in Greece) those centuries. The monasteries are not real, I think. The map just indicates: Mons Sanctus (Holy Mountain).

  3. herman says:

    The minaret is strange , I agree, because the islam came in 1453. Is the image of a later date then 1420?
    You can argue that the mapmaker had some knowledge of the location of the monasteries. My interpretation: in the middle Karyes, the small building. At the end the chapel on the summit although a mountain is not drawn, on the left Vatopedi, Iviron and lavra. On the right Chilandariou and Xenophontos.

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